project 03 eye

Fast jump into h-ours' third project, 'eye', came from a chat with Le Space founder, Ying Ang, on the fragmentation of audience that we observe within the creative spaces here in Australian. For fashion, photography, music and art - industries that are meant to celebrate and communicate diversity, challenge thinking and create emotions - shouldn't there be greater access and an audience that represents the true demographic of Australia?

Project 03 'eye' isn't loud and there isn't much really needed from h-ours, but exists as a collaboration to align where h-ours will be going as a creative platform - which is to, to celebrate and bring together diverse communities within creative spaces in Australia.

@le_space_le_space’s exhibition with Nanna Heitmann (@nannaheitmann) and Sim Chi Yin (@chiyin_sim) was the perfect invitation to start. They are the youngest and the first female asian photographers, respectively, represented by Magnum Photos. And that's a pretty big deal.

about h-ours

h-ours is the project arm of Rong Jake Chen (@rongjake) , with various iterations focusing on design independence, expression and bringing intersectional communities together. 

past projects

02 resilience (2020)
Exhibition featuring Australian fashion designers in utilising waste from their supply chain and/or deadstock, to create objects that reflect a shared theme around COVID19. For event archive in Chinese please click here.

01 pop-up (2019)
Retail experience featuring a diverse array of Australian designers held at St Collins Lane (Melbourne).

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