about h-ours

h-ours is the project arm of Rong Jake Chen (@rongjake / www.rrjjcc.com) , with various iterations focusing on design independence, expression and bringing intersectional communities together. 


03 eye (2021)

Sponsorship of Le Space’s exhibition featuring Magnum photographer’s Nanna Heitmann (@nannaheitmann) and Sim Chi Yin (@chiyin_sim) through community and audience development at Le Space. Event details here.

02 resilience (2020)

Exhibition featuring Australian fashion designers in utilising waste from their supply chain and/or deadstock, to create objects that reflect a shared theme around COVID19. For event archive in English or Chinese.

01 pop-up (2019 - ongoing)

Retail experience featuring a diverse array of Australian independant designers held at St Collins Lane (Melbourne 3000) including AMXANDER, Mandatory, ffixxed studios, SZN. 

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